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A Game of Chicken – Tell Jones not to Blink

Still, the American people elected the Republicans, decisively, to address just such problems [the budget]. It’s time to be brave.

Bravery will expose two things: One, President Obama’s craven irresponsibility and two, the true will of the American people.

We have to know.

Quite simply, average Americans need to know which way America is going to go. Are we going to be a debtor, soft-socialist nation or are we going to claw our way back to fighting shape as a capitalistic, creative force for innovation and industry?

As Ace says, the House must lead and lead boldly. No, it’s not a role it’s suited to, but necessity makes leaders and lead, the Republican Representatives must.

Email Walter Jones and tell him to stand strong, tell him that you stand with the House Republicans and that you expect him, too, also

via Chicken | RedState.



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