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Action Alert – Contact Jones on his Vote Against GOP Spending Cuts

The House voted on Friday to cut $60 billion out of this year’s budget. The vote passed with only three dissenting Republicans. Predictably, Walter Jones was one of those three.

News reports are not specific on why Jones voted against the will of the people. One reason may be Jones’ reported support for an amendment by Rep. Steven LaTourette that called for an across the board cut of $100 billion, cuts that wouldn’t target specific programs. Speaking to Roll Call, Jones wouldn’t predict how he’d vote on the final bill “until after the amendment process play[ed] out.”  My guess is that we’ll hear some populist, blue-dog Democrat response from his office that he opposed cuts to the low income heating program or some other such thing. Note: LaTourette voted ‘Yea’ on the final bill.

Email Congressman Jones or call him at 202-225-3415 and let him know where you stand on the GOP’s spending cuts.  He needs to hear from you!  Post the text of your note to Jones in the comments below.

On another related note, ToD has learned that Walter has joined a group called…

…read more on Truth or Dare



One thought on “Action Alert – Contact Jones on his Vote Against GOP Spending Cuts

  1. Sent to Congressman Jones from Lynne Murray:
    Representative Jones. I find that you are one of the 92 cowardly Republican Representatives that voted against cutting government spending. We are totally disgusted with all 92 and very disappointed that you would join that crowd. We didn’t re-elect you to back out of your promises, even people like me could cut spending in tons of inefficient, un-needed, money wasting programs and entitlements, we are not totally unaware of the waste and greed going on in congress. I am asking for a detailed explanation of your decision.

    Posted by lmkitties | February 21, 2011, 1:14 pm

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