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Wisconsin teachers make a wee bit more money than they let on

Wisconsin’s public school teachers and the unions that represent them are saying budget cuts proposed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker would be devastating — but many of those teachers make more money than they’re letting on.  Read more at 


4 thoughts on “Wisconsin teachers make a wee bit more money than they let on

  1. Boohoo! Poor suffering teachers! Only making twice the average wage of their state. I certainly expect a college-educated professional to make more than average, but in economic hard times, I also expect more empathy for the folks who have no room for belt tightening, rather than crying “Poor, poor, pitiful me.” They, as well as all public service employees, have to recognize the wage and benefit disparity between themselves and private sector workers, and realize that their gravy train at the expense of the taxpayers has reached the end of the line. It has been a good ride for them, but now they have to be more reasonable.

    Posted by Prince of Peeps | February 26, 2011, 7:10 pm
  2. These teachers are living good…I don’t have a guarantee of no layoffs at my job like they do in WI’s Budget Repair Bill. Did you know that was a concession the Governor made a couple weeks ago? I also pay 35% of my medical premiums and fund my own pension with a 4% employer match and the public unions think their lives are falling apart with this bill. Bogus.

    Posted by Tom | February 26, 2011, 10:22 pm
  3. Our teachers are setting a terrible example for our children. First they file a lawsuit to beable to get Viagra covered through their insurance.And they won’t stop crying about the little income they make. Their income is 52% higher than the average income in Wisconsin, and by the way that is in 9 months.The other 3 months many of them take jobs away from other people who make under $30,000 per year. Also many of them would rather spend any extra time with sports instead of trying to focus on the basic of education that our children our so far behind in. Stop the whining and work like the rest of us.

    Posted by Dennis Broetzman | March 16, 2011, 7:10 am
  4. Dennis, this teacher has had her pay frozen for 3 years and I definitely do not make 52% more than the average wage earner in NC. I work 10 months for a take-home of about 32K.

    Posted by Liv | March 16, 2011, 5:11 pm

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