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U.S. Lawmakers Weigh Putting Brakes on State Age Limits for Teen Drivers

Prince of Peeps says:  Another example of the federal government usurping states rights.  Not only that, but they are threatening the states with forfeiture of federal highway monies if they don’t fall in line with federal guide lines.  The federal taxes shouldn’t even be used for highways (with the exception of interstate highways.)  That money should be collected and spent locally by each state.  It is wrong for Uncle Sam to be taking from us, just to give it back to us.  It’s all about control, and this is a perfect example.  It is time for the states to unite and tell dear Uncle to kiss it where the moon don’t shine.  Grow a pair and reclaim our states’ rights.

The following article was posted at Fox News.

Getting their first driver’s license is a seminal moment in the lives of most teenagers. But the federal government — not the states — could soon be telling kids when they can get behind the wheel.

Supporters say it will save lives; opponents say it’s another example of Washington overreaching its powers and getting involved in the states’ business.  (Follow link to read more.)

via U.S. Lawmakers Weigh Putting Brakes on State Age Limits for Teen Drivers –


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