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Rush Weighs In On SEIU Eco-terrorist Steven Lerner

Rush Limbaugh picked up on the Glenn Beck story I referenced yesterday about eco-terrorist Steven Lerner, leader of the SEIU, who was planning to attack J P Morgan Chase, to destabilize the banking system, and the financial system of the US, in order to step in and “save the day” with their socialist-progressive agenda.  The Blaze quotes Rush:

“This guy is pure 100 percent anti-capitalist,” Limbaugh said earlier in the show, “and what he wants is what Cloward-Piven has basically said, just overwhelm the system. You just overwhelm the system with so many dependents… it causes a system-wide collapse, capitalism implodes upon itself, somebody comes into the breach and restructures the system as a socialist, Utopian paradise. ”

Lerner and others just like him are the buddies of President Hopey/Changey, the pied piper that the masses swooned over and chose to lead our nation.  Nearly all of Obama’s friends, advisers, political appointments, etc. are far left radicals just like Lerner.  In spite of the words that come out of the mouth of the Liar-in-Chief, his heart is in league with these anarchists who wish to lead a coup against our nation.  Are the people waking up yet?  Are they beginning to recover from their stupor, beginning to realize that they have been had.  Some are, some aren’t, some never will.


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