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Why Not Cut Education Spending?

It is PoP’s personal opinion that the federal government has no business involving themselves in education, a state purview.  They only take the money from us to give it back to us.  Why?  For control, that’s why.  States should collect and spend those tax dollars locally.  The federal government needs to be thrown out.  My opinion to cut funding is based on states’ rights and federal usurpation of those rights.  The following article by Phyllis Schlafly, posted at IBD Editorials, explains that the Feds should get out because they have been abject failures in their manipulation of the system.

As the new Republican House majority wrestles with ways to cut our unsustainable budget deficit, Barack Obama threw down the gauntlet. On March 14, he said, “We cannot cut education.” But why not? If we are going to cut programs that are proven to have failed to achieve their goals, federal spending on education should be at the top of the list.  (Follow this link to read her whole article.)

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