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NC state employees to kick in for health insurance

The state House gave tentative approval today to a drastic overhaul of the health plan that insures about 667,000 state employees, teachers and retirees.

Senate Bill 265 would cut benefits, raise deductibles and co-pays by around 17 percent and charge workers a monthly insurance premium for individual coverage for the first time.

via WRAL



2 thoughts on “NC state employees to kick in for health insurance

  1. Even with Benefits Value added to Salary, I make about 1/2 of what my union counterparts make with just Salary. AND my pay has been frozen for 3 years (maybe more years to come), no COLA, no nuthin. So, essentially, I’m facing a pay cut. One of the Assembly members said “They should be grateful they have a job” True but callous. I want one of them to have the cojones to tackle the 3rd rail – welfare & entitlements & useless programs that don’t work. I, and many, are tired of gov’t draining the working class to feed the leeches.

    Posted by Liv | March 31, 2011, 4:27 pm


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