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NC Bill Would Impose Tax on Appliances Lacking Energy Certificate

 Several Democratic state House members are seeking to boost energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy efforts by making it more expensive to purchase products that do not meet federal energy efficiency standards. House Bill 135 also would establish an inverted electricity rate structure on customers using power generated by electric public utilities. Under that rate structure, consumers who use higher quantities of energy would pay more per kilowatt hour than those who consume less energy.  Read the details at



2 thoughts on “NC Bill Would Impose Tax on Appliances Lacking Energy Certificate

  1. More liberal busybodies telling us what we can and can’t buy. Just like with light bulbs, “gas guzzlers,” alternative energy, guns, health care, etc. Always meddling. Can’t leave us alone to live how we want to live. It’s all about control by those who know better than everyone else, those self-anointed overseers who have accepted the burden of taking care of us all, because on our own we would never survive.

    Posted by Prince of Peeps | April 5, 2011, 7:01 pm
  2. What a bunch of crap. I just bought one of the last old school top loading washing machines available with an agitator that I CAN CONTROL the water level in. I’m sick and tired of the government telling me how much electric and water I can use. How effective are washing machines when you have to run them twice to get clothes clean? How about cloths coming out wrinkled because they make the machines whip around so fast so that drying time is reduced to save electricity? What about the mold and bad odor so now you have to use special cleaners each month to keep it under control. This is crazy!

    In addition, I pay more in electric in Wisconsin because I am not using enough! Yes it is true. Meaning the more you use the less you pay in the tier. So what is the point in using less? Same thing with our city water bill in that the lessor amount we use, the more we pay. One rate should be for all, let’s not discriminate against say a family of 5 versus a household of 1 for example. Come on people, this is getting out of control. Vote!

    Posted by Tom | April 5, 2011, 9:43 pm

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