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The House GOP Loses Its Way

Apparently the much balley-hooed budget bill isn’t all it was “billed” to be.

Whatever the merits, the budget deal negotiated by the president with Harry Reid and John Boehner last week has been branded a giant exercise in Beltway subterfuge, accomplishing next to nothing in terms of spending control and providing yet again an opportunity for various well-heeled lobbyists and deeply connected special interests to work the Beltway’s “third party” of appropriators for a special round of legislative winks and nudges.

(T)he Tea Party rallies this weekend will be trashing the deal which the Congressional Budget Office calculates will lower the spending for FY 2011 by a mere $352 million.

via The House GOP Loses Its Way – Page 1 – Hugh Hewitt – Townhall Conservative.


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