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Congressman Walter Jones votes AGAINST Ryan budget proposal

Jones was one of four Republicans to vote against Paul Ryan’s budget proposal yesterday.  Of course, Ron Paul was also one of the four.  Jones calls Ron Paul his ‘best friend’.  Ron Paul voted against it saying “neither of those budgets [Ryan’s or Obama’s] will solve our problems, or even come close. Assuming that Jones is of the same mindset, we have to ask, what would you propose Congressman Jones?

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3 thoughts on “Congressman Walter Jones votes AGAINST Ryan budget proposal

  1. I would guess that Mr. Jones probably supports the Rand Paul Budget plan, as do I. Here is some info on it:

    And the Budget Itself:

    Now why would he oppose a Republican bill? He must support the Obama budget then, right? If Ron Paul is his best friend, probably not. Read here:

    And Here:

    And Here:

    Overall I support the “No” vote as the budget did not do nearly enough to limit the expansion of the Federal Government. When will both sides get serious about the debt? Isn’t this what we sent Tea Party-esque candidates to Washington to do? I think Jones voted like a true Patriot. I would think most Tea Party minded fiscal conservatives would support this measure. I can’t tell if this right up is meant to chastise or praise the actions of Dr. Paul and Mr. Jones, but I assume you are saying they are voting for a bloated budget which just isn’t true.

    Posted by Shawn Daniels | April 16, 2011, 7:08 pm
  2. Why you should not vote for any Tea Party or Repulican candicate.

    People who voted for these Extremist Right Wing Nut Republicans, DESERVES these Idiots for voting them into office, and you would be a BIGGER FOOL if you vote for them again. If possible, Recall ALL of these Republicans. Many people voting for Republicans are victims of your OWN votes, and protesting against the very officials you voted for in 2010, because you NOW realize Republicans in office betrayed you.

    DON’T VOTE for a Republican, and here are FIVE reasons (of many) why you should NOT vote for them: 1. Republicans will try to take your Medicare, Healthcare, Social Security, Collective Bargaining Rights, Equal Rights, etc etc. etc., ALL while giving Tax Breaks to the Rich (ie. 250k and above) and Corporations, outsourcing jobs and enriching themselves with benefits and bonuses, etc. And YES, they will often LIE in an attempt to fool you into thinking that they are doing this for your best interest.

    2. ANY middle class, or working class, or fair-minded person VOTING for a Republican (including the Tea Party) would seem to be more pathetic than a chicken following Colonel Sanders around. If you are not Rich (ie. 250K or more) or a Corporation, the odds are your interests will be at the BOTTOM of their list. This entire situation reminds me of another time in American history where the aristocracy in the South convinced the poor and lower middle class whites that if slavery was abolished, they would all end up poor, when in reality the main reason for poverty in the South was that the aristocracy owned everything – let me repeat EVERYTHING, and they stayed rich by keeping the lower classes poor. No competition = no threat to their wealth. So poor and middle class white folks VOTED with the aristocrats, even though they were economically cutting their own throat – not to mention perpetuating an economic system that was fundamentally WRONG. Anytime anyone convinces you that the wealthy need MORE wealth and tax breaks just so you can have a job and not end up poor – you’ve just been had.

    3. Question: Which political party has blocked (FILIBUSTERED) a historical record of over 200 bills (including JOB BILLS) in the US Senate since 2008? Answer: Republicans.

    Question: Why? Answer: According to reports, “Our single and most important priority, is to make sure that the president is just a one term president”- Republican Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell

    It appears that Republicans are willing to sabotage employment efforts, etc., and sacrifice U.S. taxpaying citizens at ANY COST, just so that they can hopefully get back into office and, AGAIN (like in the Bush years), screw up our country.

    5. Many Republicans routinely put SELF INTEREST and their PERSONAL quest for POWER AND WEALTH over the best interests of Americans, showing that their end game is about ‘winning elections’ and NOT effective and fair governance. They say NO for 2 yrs to proposed Dems AND Repubs legislation that could produce JOBS, reduce deficits, and improve healthcare and economy. They seem to FEED on Greed, Bigotry, Hatred, Ignorance, and denying others Equal Rights. They deny 911 heroes healthcare, they want to extend tax cuts to the top 2%, adding BILLIONS to the deficit, tax cuts for Corporations, outsourcing of jobs, etc. If it’s not CLEAR that they don’t seem to have YOUR and YOUR FAMILY’S BEST INTEREST at the forefront of their minds, and that you should STOP VOTING Republicans into office, then I think you will never GET IT . . . Keep voting for your Wealthy Masters, as they continue to LAUGH at you on their way to the BANK.


    Posted by Daybull | May 25, 2011, 1:19 am

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