Gov’t Welfare Widens The Wealth Gap

PoP says:  Government welfare programs supposedly intended to help America’s poor, have instead reinforced and entrenched a poor underclass, unable to escape to find the American dream.

Poverty: The gap in wealth between white Americans and minorities is the widest it’s ever been, a new report says. Could it be that the government, while intending to help those in need, in fact ends up hurting them?  (emphasis added.)  Read more at Editorial: Gov’t Welfare Widens The Wealth Gap –


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I'm the little bird on the backyard fence telling the world about whatever is on my mind. Some people may stop to listen, some may not. I call it the way I see it, and tell it the way I think it ought to be.


One thought on “Gov’t Welfare Widens The Wealth Gap

  1. The wealth gap between whites and blacks is artificially sustained through welfare programs that disincentivize hard work and upward mobility. The old saying, “Give a man a fish,…teach a man to fish,” is very apropos. Daily welfare gifts make it unnecessary to ever learn to fish to provide for oneself and one’s own family. Also, the government provider supplants the father figure, degrading the family relationship. Poor people need to learn that Democrats and their welfare programs are not their friend.

    Posted by Prince of Peeps | July 26, 2011, 9:31 pm

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