Five Big Debt Debate Lies

After months of dire warnings about not raising the debt ceiling, the public is still not convinced it’s a big deal. Maybe that’s because they’ve been repeatedly lied to about what’s at stake. Even with the clock ticking down, twice as many Americans still say lawmakers should vote against a debt ceiling hike as say they should vote for it. President Obama has said this is because the public isn’t paying attention. Just as likely is that they are paying attention, but have been turned off by the many falsehoods being bandied about — most of them by Obama himself. The five big ones: Read more at Five Big Debt Debate Lies –


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I'm the little bird on the backyard fence telling the world about whatever is on my mind. Some people may stop to listen, some may not. I call it the way I see it, and tell it the way I think it ought to be.


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