Surrendering to Statism: The Boehner Plan

After pursuing the substantive “Cut, Cap, and Balance” plan, Boehner is switching gears and showing his true colors by sponsoring a plan that is an embarrassment to the conservative cause. The Speaker initially claimed that his bill would cut more than a trillion dollars in spending in exchange for raising the debt ceiling by $900 billion. But the CBO scored the bill and found it would cut closer to $850 billion (only about $1 billion of which would be immediate cuts) – forcing Boehner to reconvene with his staff and return with version 2.0. The newly released plan increases estimated cuts to $917 billion over the next 10 years but again back-loaded most of the spending in later years. Only a fraction of the cuts are up front with $22 billion occurring in FY 2012 and $42 billion to follow in FY 2013. Since Congress votes on the federal budget on a yearly basis, there is no guarantee that any of these cuts will materialize. In fact, it is likely that they won’t. Read more at Surrendering to Statism: The Boehner Plan – J.D. Thorpe – Townhall Conservative.


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