The danger of underestimating Obama

From Rep. Dan Burton from Indiana.  “It is a cardinal mistake in any competition, be it sports or politics – and politics is a competition of ideas – to underestimate your opponent. All too often, underestimating your opponent leads to disaster. I believe that America, especially America’s political class, is vastly underestimating President Obama; and if we continue to do so, it will be a disaster for America. Specifically, I am worried about the growing political story line that the Obama administration is “failing” because they are just inexperienced and the president is simply “in over his head.”  Read more at



One thought on “The danger of underestimating Obama

  1. I believe something even more frightening might happen in 2012 – the Dems finally decide to wash their hands of 0bama the loser, have a primary in May and run someone more marketable against 0bama. This hand-picked screwball might have all the connections and communist leanings of 0bama but without the personal weaknesses like the inconvenience of having released a poorly forged birth certificate, myrads of lies about just about everything from his autobiography to 0bamacare, teleprompter addiction, gay encounter, hidden college records and pitiful congressional voting record.

    Look how everyone, even those who can’t stand her, idolize Michelle. She’s a fashion queen who oozes intelligence and the essence of the modern, cool mom. I bet she could beat her husband in a heartbeat.

    I don’t know that Hillary is a serious contender anymore. BUt, there are others who could manage it. (My heart sinks when I think how close the country came to election Al Gore and John Kerry to the WH!!!! Thank you JESUS!) This would put the country in a terrible bind. We’ve seen that so-called reasonable people can be duped into voting for 0bama; an “0bama light” could be an easy pushover.

    GOP – get on you armor. Be the most logical choice to run this country (from townhall to WH) based on our founding fathers’ model that no other candidate makes sense. Stick together. Get a solid message and sell it home every minute of every day. Work as if the country’s future depends upon it – because it does.

    Thank you.

    Posted by Mattie Lawson | August 9, 2011, 8:57 pm

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