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Notes from our 11/29 meeting

Lame-duck Governor Perdue accepted federal bribe money to start the unwelcome 0bamacare exchanges in the great state of North Carolina this week. This was the subject of lively discussion at the OBX Team Party meeting yesterday. 10 courageous states, all with Republican governors, have rejected the money and the economy-killing federal mandate. We are eager to see

 a visible sign from newly elected Governor Pat McCrory that he will join his colleagues to thwart 0bama and the Marxist machine intent on sucking the lifeblood from our country. This subject is on the agenda for next Thursday, 12/6 at our regular time and place: Western Sizzlin’ in KDH at 5:30 pm. We voted to forego the weekly meetings for December 20th and 27th due to the holidays.

For more information on the governor’s action go to:

Other discussions included the constitutionality of nullification of federally imposed regulations on states including North Carolina (see Diane Rufino’s blog for more insights and the development of specific talking points for members to sign/use as a basis for personal talking point to forward to our elected parties/news media.

Some of our members will be participating in a NENC Tea Party Roundtable Saturday, December 8 and will share new ideas and strategies at our December 13 meeting.

January will be coming up soon bringing with it the need to recruit worthy candidates (and support teams to shore them up) for local municipal elections in 2013 (filing is due in February) and Republican Party leadership (precinct chairs, etc.). Precinct Meetings to elect delegates are held in February followed by the County Convention in March. More discussion on these topics is planned for next week. Look for additional emails on these topics to follow.



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