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Demand Harry Reid Bring Audit the Fed Bill to a Vote in the Senate

Follow the money, folks. Push Sen Kay Hagan  and Harry Reid to co-sponsor this.  202-224-6342              Advertisements

NDAA lawsuit struggles to save the US constitution

“I am one of the lead plaintiffs in the civil lawsuit against the National Defense Authorization Act, which gives the president the power to hold any US citizen anywhere for as long as he wants, without charge or trial.”  Read more about this lawsuit at

Cruz Triumph Shows Voters Want Democrats’ Fiscal Mess In Washington Cleaned Up –

Many voters have concluded that the old-guard Republicans in power in Congress for so many years before the 2006 election are nearly as big a problem as Barack Obama and the Democrats. via Cruz Triumph Shows Voters Want Democrats’ Fiscal Mess In Washington Cleaned Up – .


The voter rolls of this country are stuffed with illegal aliens, felons and dead people, who not only vote, they vote overwhelmingly Democrat.  Citizens in uniform serving overseas, who might vote Republican, are routinely denied the right to vote when ballots are mailed “too late” to be returned in time to count.  When a Republican … Continue reading

USDA Enlists Mexican Govt to Spread the Word About Food Stamps

From his grant of amnesty to his shuttering of border patrol stations, President Obama is doing all he can to help those illegally present in the United States to have every incentive to pull the lever for him in November.  As if those favors weren’t enough, now comes word that the Obama administration is continuing a partnership with … Continue reading

The Usual Suspects: ABC’s Ross, Stephanolpoulos Point to Tea Party in Dark Knight Shooting UPDATE: ABC Corrects, Apologizes–After Blaming ‘Social Media’ and the Public

This is just infuriating!!! On Good Morning America, ABC News’ Brian Ross and George Stephanolpoulos suggested that the Tea Party might be connected to the mass shootings early this morning in an Aurora, CO theater during a screening of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. via The Usual Suspects: ABC’s Ross, Stephanolpoulos Point … Continue reading

Dogs, dead people get election docs from nonprofit

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The voter registration form arrived in the mail last month with some key information already filled in: Rosie Charlston’s name was complete, as was her Seattle address. Problem is, Rosie was a black lab who died in 1998. via News from The Associated Press. PoP wants to know why is it … Continue reading

CBO: We’ll Be Maxed Out in Nine Years

On Tuesday, the CBO released the 2012 version of its long-term federal budget outlook.  How bad is the outlook? As James Pethokoukis and others noted, it’s so frighteningly bad that the CBO couldn’t project its worst-case scenario on the economic impact of the national debt.   According to Page 38 in the full report, “Debt would reach 250 percent of GDP (gross … Continue reading

The Cost of Illegal Immigration

Interested in the key numbers and events related to illegal immigration in the United States?  Click

Should We Obey All Laws? – Walter E. Williams

In Federalist No. 45, Madison explained: “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.” That vision has been turned on its head; it’s the federal government whose powers are numerous and indefinite, and those of … Continue reading

America’s two-faced liberals

President Barack Obama and Wall Street occupiers, along with their allies in the mainstream media and on college campuses, have maintained an ongoing attack on high-income earners, people they call 1-percenters. Listening to their deceitful demagoguery, you would naturally think of them as 99-percenters, but you’d be dead-wrong.  Read more of Walter William’s piece at … Continue reading

You Pay More in Taxes Than on Housing, Food and Clothing – Combined

The nonpartisan Tax Foundation says that this year, U.S. citizens will pay more than $4 trillion in total federal, state and local taxes.  According to the foundation, the country will work 107 days this year just to pay for federal, state and local taxes.  Read more at

How CISPA would affect you (FAQ)

CISPA may have cleared the U.S. House of Representatives, but the fight isn’t over. It’s shifted to the U.S. Senate. Here’s CNET’s FAQ on what you need to know about this particularly controversial Internet bill.

Tea Party Drives Educational Reform With Free Market Principles

For the first time in the history of our country, we are seeing a broad-based educational reform effort that is not driven by the unions. Instead, parents and activists are working together on a local level, empowered by the national Tea Party movement, to apply the mechanics of the free market to struggling school systems.  … Continue reading

Burr/Hagan Bill Would Allow Off-Road Vehicle Use on Cape Hatteras National Seashore

U.S. Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), along with Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC), reintroduced the Preserving Public Access to Cape Hatteras Beaches Act, a bill that would reinstate the Interim Management Strategy governing off-road vehicle use on Cape Hatteras National Seashore (CHNS).  Read more at

‘Your’ Car Won’t Be After 2015

Pending legislation will impose a legal requirement that all new cars made beginning with the 2015 models be fitted with so-called Event Data Recorders (EDRs). These are the “black boxes” you may have read about that store data about how you drive including whether you wear a seat belt and how fast you drive — … Continue reading

Opposition grows to CISPA ‘Big Brother’ cybersecurity bill

Last-minute opposition to the CISPA, which has been criticized as a “Big Brother” cybersecurity bill, is growing as the U.S. House of Representatives prepares for a vote this week. It’s hardly clear, however, that this wave of opposition will be sufficient.  CISPA would permit, but not require, Internet companies to hand over confidential customer records and … Continue reading

Top 10 Most Expensive Obamacare Taxes and Fees

To pay for generous subsidies to purchase health insurance, an expansion of Medicaid, and other new spending, Obamacare raises taxes and adds 17 new taxes or penalties that will affect all Americans.  Read more at 

Swingin’ Kennedy

The liberties of more than 300 million people hinge on just one man.  Since the retirement of Sandra Day O’Connor, Swingin’ Anthony Kennedy has been the swingingest swinger on the Supreme Court, the big Numero Cinco on all those 5–4 white-knuckle nail-biting final scores. So naturally Court observers have been paying close attention to his … Continue reading

Cell Phone Location Surveillance: Now at a Police Dept Near You!

Law enforcement tracking of cellphones, once the province mainly of federal agents, has become a powerful and widely used surveillance tool for local police officials, with hundreds of departments, large and small, often using it aggressively with little or no court oversight, documents show.  In cities in Nevada, North Carolina and other states, police departments … Continue reading

Regulations Govern Our Lives – Then Send Us The Bill

The cost of regulation, in 2010, according to this source, was $1.75 trillion, or about $15,000 per household — almost as much as the average family spends on housing.  Read more at

Obama’s Crony Capitalism and His Top 2008 Donors

President Obama raised several hundred million dollars during the 2008 election, more than twice what Republican rival John McCain raised and a far cry more than any other U.S. President before him. The result? Obama’s fundraising achievements have ushered in a degree of crony capitalism Americans have quite possibly never witnessed before.  Read more at … Continue reading

Republican Race Just Getting Started — Star Parker

Republicans have a real opportunity to restore credibility as a party and deliver the kind of candidate that the nation needs. It’s why the conservative opposition to Mitt Romney, despite being massively outspent, remains strong and credible. Far from being over, this Republican race is just getting started.  Read more at:

What Occupy Wall Street Gets Wrong

“We are the 99 percent!” That’s the battle cry of Occupy Wall Street.  What are we to make of it?  It’s a worthwhile question with a complex answer.  Corporatism is not the same thing as the free market. Read more at

The High Cost of Dumbing Us Down

It now costs over $10,000 a year to “educate,” or brainwash, a child in a public school, whereas it costs about $550 to $1,000 a year to homeschool a child. The taxpayer pays nothing for the education of a child at home. Yet, the homeschooling parent must continue to pay the taxes for the public … Continue reading

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