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Notes from our 11/29 meeting

Lame-duck Governor Perdue accepted federal bribe money to start the unwelcome 0bamacare exchanges in the great state of North Carolina this week. This was the subject of lively discussion at the OBX Team Party meeting yesterday. 10 courageous states, all with Republican governors, have rejected the money and the economy-killing federal mandate. We are eager … Continue reading

EPA Power Grab to Regulate Ditches on Private Property

Lawmakers are working to block an unprecedented power grab by the Environmental Protection Agency to use the Clean Water Act (CWA) to control land alongside ditches, gullies and other ephemeral spots by claiming the sources are part of navigable waterways.  Read more at

Progressivism: An Adolescent Ideology

Progressives see people as they want them to be. Conservatives see them as they are. Once one understands this essential difference, any number of issues can be explained with utmost clarity. Take the European crisis, for example.  This insightful commentary continues at  

Mentally incompetent? Here’s your ballot

State Rep. G.L. Pridgen says he is considering pursuing legislation that would restrict anyone but legal guardians from registering to vote individuals who have been ruled mentally incompetent by the courts.Unlike most states, North Carolina does not restrict individuals from registering to vote based on mental competency.  Read more at

Carolina Campaign Bootcamp

Each year thousands of candidates run for elected office and only a few win.  This can often be due to the lack of skilled leadership in campaigns. This training addresses this need and empowers you to make a difference.  Details for this and other activism workshops at

Meet John Tedesco

On July 17, Republican voters in North Carolina have an opportunity to make a statement about the direction the state’s public schools will take in coming years.  John Tedesco, a member of the Wake County School Board, and educator Richard Alexander will face off in a runoff election for the right to face incumbent NC … Continue reading

Cut the Knot of Corporate Tax

According to the Triangle Business Journal, special state tax credits for renewable energy, research & development, and capital purchases reduced North Carolina’s corporate-tax collections by nearly a quarter of a billion dollars last year.   They are not the only ones. North Carolina’s tax code is riddled with special credits, exemptions, and other preferences – many of … Continue reading


The Obama Administration has dragged the Law of the Sea Treaty back before the US Senate this week.  What is L.O.S.T?  In principle, the treaty would assert UN jurisdiction over U.S. territorial waters, and eventually over waterways within our country.  Read more at

Interested in how Congress voted?

Track your Senator’s and Representative’s votes by e-mail at  

NC Legislature Considers Anti-NDAA Resolution

Considering it a crime to not report treason when one witnesses it, earlier this week, a bill was introduced to the North Carolina General Assembly that would declare the National Defense Authorization Act unconstitutional and treasonous.  In the text of the measure the NDAA is accurately described as “repugnant to, and destructive of, the Bill of Rights of … Continue reading

NC Imposes Above-Average Occupational Licensing Burdens

North Carolina ranks 29th of the 50 U.S. states (plus the District of Columbia) when it comes to imposing laws requiring people wishing to perform certain occupations to get a license from the government, according to a new study by Institute for Justice.  From landscape workers to athletic trainers to cosmetologists, the state forces would-be … Continue reading

Do Dead People and Non-Citizens Vote in NC?

Project Veritas, an organization formed by James O’Keefe, paid a visit to North Carolina during the May 8 primary.  Watch the video to see discussions with non-citizens who are registered to vote in NC, UNC leaders and Board of Elections officials.

Legislators at odds over capping N.C. gas tax

In the General Assembly session that begins Wednesday, the state’s gasoline tax could be a divisive issue. The state gas tax is currently 38.9 cents per gallon, the highest rate ever in North Carolina. It increased from 35 cents a gallon on Jan. 1. The tax is recalculated automatically twice annually – Jan. 1 and … Continue reading

NC One of Eight States to Lose Jobless Benefits This Weekend

More than 230,000 unemployed workers will lose their jobless benefits this weekend as portions of federal programs expire across several states. All told, 409,300 long-term unemployed Americans in 27 states will have lost upward of 20 weeks of federal unemployment benefits by this past Saturday, even as the many state jobless rates remain high, according to … Continue reading

Six Runoff Elections Possible for Council of State Offices

After NC’s primary elections May 8, it still is unclear who the Republican nominees for five powerful executive offices will be. The Democratic nominee for state labor commissioner also has yet to be decided.  GOP nominees for lieutenant governor, secretary of state, state auditor and others still are up in the air.  Read more at  

GOP in NC breaks the rules for Romney before the primary

In North Carolina, the GOP used the Guilford County Republican Party Headquarters to make phone calls on behalf of Romney.  The calls were organized in part by Al Bouldin, the Guilford County GOP Chair.  Bouldin was well aware of the fact that the Republican Party does not endorse candidates in the Primary, a fact he … Continue reading

State Threatens to Shut Down Nutrition Blogger

The North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition is threatening to send a blogger to jail for recounting publicly his battle against diabetes and encouraging others to follow his lifestyle. Read more at

Medicaid Frills Cost NC Billions, but GA May Shy Away from Cuts

Medicaid services not required by the federal government but approved by the state legislature in years past cost $4.4 billion in 2010-2011. That accounted for 46 percent of the $10 billion Medicaid budget. North Carolina’s Medicaid program was referred to as a “Cadillac” program in a study by the Lewin Group a few years ago. … Continue reading

Big money fuels North Carolina amendment campaigns

The constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and civil unions is making North Carolina a national battleground, the extent to which is now coming into focus with campaign finance reports showing the referendum buoyed by big out-of-state donors and interest groups.  Read more at

If North Carolina were a country

If North Carolina were a separate country, we would not fare well in key international comparisons of economic competitiveness.  While it is more common to compare North Carolina to other states, and such comparisons can be instructive, they are not a sufficient response to the modern world. Like it or not, economic decisions don’t respect … Continue reading

The Road to Surfdom

Roads are the arteries of the American Body, providing the lifeblood of commerce and recreation. But one road in particular (Highway 12) has become the target of environmental tyranny, posing a grave threat to the people who rely on it for their livelihood and safety.  The SELC, the Audubon Society, Defenders of Wildlife, and other environmentalists … Continue reading

Burr/Hagan Bill Would Allow Off-Road Vehicle Use on Cape Hatteras National Seashore

U.S. Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), along with Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC), reintroduced the Preserving Public Access to Cape Hatteras Beaches Act, a bill that would reinstate the Interim Management Strategy governing off-road vehicle use on Cape Hatteras National Seashore (CHNS).  Read more at

Free Speech Victory at East Carolina University

In a victory for freedom of the press, East Carolina University (ECU) has agreed to pay former student newspaper advisor Paul Isom $31,200 after firing him because the newspaper printed photos of a streaker. FIRE and groups including the Student Press Law Center had helped Isom defend free speech on campus.  Read more at

NC Amendment One – Fact and Fiction

Angry Pit Preachers. Posters invoking Dumbledore. Intense partisan debate. With all the controversy surrounding North Carolina’s proposed Amendment One, it’s difficult to discern where truth ends and exaggeration begins.  If all the heated rhetoric frustrates you, you are not alone. In this article you won’t be cursed by vehement speeches or courted by pretty posters. … Continue reading

Big Green beach bullies strangling Cape Hatteras families

Defenders of Wildlife and the National Audubon Society are choking off the lifeblood of communities that depend on North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area. In 2008, the National Park Service — the federal agency responsible for the popular 70-mile-long world-class sport fishing and tourist destination — caved in to the two environmental groups’ … Continue reading

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